Reading Tomorrow Oxford Stanza Two!

Guest Poet of the Month

Ilse Pedler

We look forward eagerly to Ilse Pedler’s appearance as our Guest Poet at our next monthly meeting on Zoom, at 7PM on Monday 6th March.

Ilse wins prizes for her poetry and practices veterinary medicine in the Lake District, trying to juggle writing with the unpredictability of sick animals – she has also found time for thirty years of Morris Dancing! Her poetry has appeared widely, including in Stand, Magma and Poetry News – Ilse was a winner in the Poetry Society Members’ Poetry Competition in Spring 2022 with These are the days of snow and ice – and in anthologies. She was shortlisted for the Rialto Nature Poetry competition in 2014 and 2015, for the Bridport Prize in 2016 and the Hippocrates in 2017

Ilse won the Mslexia Pamphlet Competition with The Dogs That Chase Bicycle Wheels, published by Seren in March 2016.  Her poetry reveals high levels of skill in observing and recording the natural world, remarkable even from a poet who is also a trained anatomist, allied with a sensitivity to landscape and the lives of animals and humans:

Ilse published her first full collection, Auscultation, with Seren in June 2021. Auscultation, the action of listening or hearkening, has also a technical sense: the action of listening, with ear or stethoscope, to the sound of the movement of heart, lungs, or other organs, to judge their condition of health or disease (Oxford English Dictionary). This metaphor captures Ilse’s very serious commitment to her poetry:  I … explore the idea of listening and being listened to through poems… I interrogate the importance of the types of care we give and receive. We are in for a special evening!

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